Photographer based in London and Spain


I am Declan, an Irish Londoner. I am an aspiring photographer and filmmaker. My work has led me through a spectrum of genres including advertising, editorials, short films,music videos, live music events and fashion shows. 

Much of my personal work is primarily centred on youth, community and culture.

I am a strong believer in social responsibility and have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to use my creative skills to benefit a number of charitable and social organizations. 

This perhaps has led to a social influence on my personal projects and ideas for the future. I am currently documenting Finchley ABC, my local boxing club and the community and family spirit that I have witnessed there. I am also working on a project titled “Still Dreaming”, which centres on young and upcoming musicians pursuing what many people might just call dreams. 

I aim to use my creative skills to produce powerful personal work that can resonate with people and impact them in a positive way. 

Selected clients: Atlantic Records, Brownswood Music, Toni and Guy, Self Service Magazine, Huck Magazine, Artefact Magazine 


E: declanslatteryphotography@gmail.comT: +44 (0) 7724083461

T: @DecSlattery
Instagram: @DecSlattery
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